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Hiking & Walking Tours

If walking or hiking belongs to one of your passions then explore this Knuckles mountains  on a walking or hiking tour no matter how high your fitness level is.

We tailor make a tour from a few hours up to several days for you.

You can explore plenty of beautiful waterfalls, tea plantations surrounded by a beautiful mountain panorama in between a beautiful cloud forest.

Walk through traditional villages which you can’t find so easily everywhere and explore foot paths what connects villages and people since centuries.
On every hike we work together with the Knuckles community which supports the residents in their daily life.

Village & Culture Tour

You always wanted to know how it is to live in a mountain village up on 1500m above sea level in the highlands of Sri Lanka? Then the culture and village tour might be the right tour for you. Take a walk through the village and be part of the village life for a day or more, explore a traditional way of cooking over fire wood in clay pods, participant a cooking class and learn the Sri Lankan way of eating rice and curry with your hands.
 see how the residents work on their  daily lives in a full symbioses with the surroundings, nature and seasons.  
The culture and village tour is a very sustainable tour as you support the community with visiting and working with  them.

Photography & Influence Tours

You wanna get the perfect shoot for your social media page or just for yourself, then this tour is the perfect one for you. Get to know places where nobody normally goes surrounded by pure nature beside the touristic paths.
I am a accomplished photographer who worked already with several national and international influences you can see part of my photographs on my Instagram page.

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