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Sir Lanka Economic Crisis & Tourism Recover

Updated: Jul 16, 2022

Right now, Sri Lanka is in the middle of a heavy political and economic crisis, by the time of this post our political landscape is changing rapidly. Some content in this blog may not be relevant for you at the time you are reading it, but the core value of the post I believe is relevant.

The tourism industry plays a key role in our economy, as it generates lots of jobs directly and indirectly. It’s one of our major industries which brings foreign exchange and investments. The industry plays a major role in the post – war economy development, as well it will play a major role after this economic and financial crisis, what makes Sri Lankas tourism even more important for the country, it brings foreign currency which is not coming in due to the current crises as well investments are fade out.

Of course, other industries like Tea production and clothing industry ins Sri Lanka are very important for the country, but tourism is going to play the key role in our economical rebuilding as it brings foreign currency in a very direct way as well investors will come back sooner if tourism is recovered.

No doubt that this crisis is the worse in our modern history but we have to move on, not only for ourselves as well for our children and grandchildren!

I am starting a series of vlogs and blogs to motivate you for redeveloping our tourism industry on this amazing and unique Island.

The hardest step for all of us is to stay positive and have our leadership qualities fully on. We are the role models for our employees and business partners and we have to awaken our own hero every day again.

Let’s rise as one nation and never let us get divided again no matter what comes, we are LIONS!

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