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Problems & the Problems of Sir Lanka Tourism Departments.

I'm involved in the tourism industry for over 10 years even before that my impression of SLTDA is not very impressive even today with many personal friends in the tourism office my impression is not that improved.

Mismanagement of local or provincial tourism organizations or mismanagement of tourism industry-related government departments like wildlife, RDA, Religious and education, and archaeology departments SLTDA tend to get the blame.

As a tourism professional or someone involved in the industry we need one organization with the right authority to look after us not a helpless or powerless organization.

Another area is probably miscommunication or problems on their part is SLTDA trying to work as an enforcer, not a development partner.

Government organizations naturally like to follow rules and avoid innovation this is not particularly an SLTDA problem as each government each minister and each chairman tend to bring new systems instead of continuing with the previous system in this way innovative employers can get into trouble.

Favoritism is another problem that’s pressed down on invention and out-of-the-box thinking each succession there is a favorite and unfavorite staff more often there are discrimination

Tourism lobby and political appointees is another deep-rooted issue that reduced and restrict the capacity of the SLTDA, Lobby groups or trade unions have a positive impact on the industry no argument about these groups or unions tend not to like drastic change as this can harm their established structure and their members. Politically appointed will work for there appointed master or there political party or viewpoint not for the SLTDA as their future relies on this politics.

We can't change a system overnight it will and it's need time but the best way to start is to know that we have problems.

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