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Influence Marketing SME Hoteliers

If you are a smallholder hotel or travel business owner one of the best methods of marketing for you is Social Media this gives a very cost-effective platform for you to show your product globally.

Influencers are one of the most effective tools you can use to promote your target market.

Here are very simple and effective types and solutions for you to have a very productive influencer marketing campaign.

The first thing is, to do your homework before you start marketing on Social media you need to get your setup right.

Make sure you have good social accounts no need to have a professional level but it needs to represent your products as soon influencers start posting their follower going to look into your profile.

If you are not conformable ask your friends or staff members to look into it, search for successful product pages similar to yours, and get inspired or get a social media marketing person to work for you or to consult you.

Another great tip is to ask your influencer to look into your social media accounts and get their help on improving them.

2nd tip is to have the influencer contract ready, see the influencer as a company have a proper contract with him/her. Don't rely just on the goodwill of the influencer, ask and work out how many posts are going to get posted and what is the timeline of the post.

Some influencer has this tendency to remove the post after some time agreed in that timeline, make sure all your social link and location tag is in the post ideally forever otherwise put a minimum time in the contract.

Most influencers going to take a lot of photos and videos of your product make sure that you will get this and work out the approval for you to use this photo and video content on your social and your work.

Google & TripAdvisor reviews are very important especially in the tourism market make sure influencers post very good reviews with photos.

The next step is for you to have your promotion ready soon as your product starts to get highlighted on social media. Your start to get inquiries for this, you need to be ready to come up with a special promotional rate or package and upload that into your social media so potential customers can see it.

Don't see the influencer as a one-time transaction build a long – term partnership, as an example a one-year contract which includes 4 times a Weekend in your property and therefore the influencer has to post a certain amount of content. If that person has 40k followers you have as well 40k potential followers. Work with your influencers make a online competition or a giveaway for their followers. Work out a way that influencers get agent commission to ask them to promote your product or give the influencer a promo code whom he/she can use for their community.

Last and the most important point most of your exciting and further guests have social media presence so we need to capitalize that, make sure you have social media offers ready, display your social profile in your hotel request your guests to like your pages. Let them know you're going to have especial offers, gifts and competitions for them also any follower already you have in your social is your potential customer make sure you engage with them. Create your own hashtag# it shoulndt be too long and as well represent your hotel for example #hotelxyteam #guestofxy or just use your hotel name. Make sure hashtags are used properly not anyhow.

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