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Sustainable Ethical & Equal Hiking Experiences

Knuckles Hiking & Nature Trails: Welcome

About Knuckles Hiking & Naturalist Trails

Explore the mountains of Sri Lanka in a true adventurous, sustainable and responsible way.

All of our hiking trails are off the beaten paths, overlapping many traditional historical ways away from well known touristic pathways.

We believe in responsible travel, we  work with partners from the knuckles  community, every experiences you make with us is a helping hand for them.

Knuckles Mountain Range is part of the UNESCO World Heritage with an amazing level of bio diversity. We work with well experienced naturalists which will show you the true beauty of the breathtaking Range furthermore they'll share their sensational knowledge about flora and fauna. 

We believe in equality and humans rights, no matter where you come from, whom you love or what fitness level you have, we will tailor make the perfect hiking day /days for you.

Green teafields of Knuckles.
Tea plucking.
Village routes
breathtaking view.
Walking to horizon.
Connecting with locals.
Take a break.
Village life.
Knuckles Hiking & Nature Trails: About

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Knuckles Hiking & Nature Trails: Tours
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